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COMING SOON: Amiigo Health Fitness Band

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The Amiigo Fitness Band. Slated for June 2013 release.

We’re relaunching this post because Amiigo is close to launching the official product soon! Check out the preview you below and we’ll keep you updated on the launch date.

For some people, just tracking activity and having an app that allows you to plug in your food intake, etc. is enough for them and that’s cool… but for those of us looking to track a wee-bit more without breaking the bank or having a monthly tracking fee (ala BodyMedia Core 2) then we think a solid solution is almost here.

While there are plenty of fitness bands to choose from out there, some of which do more then just act like a pedometer, we’re getting very excited about the release of the Amiigo Health Fitness Band. This little number is set to release in June 2013 and we couldn’t be more excited for it. From what we’ve seen and heard, the Amiigo will actually be comprised of two hardware components, the bracelet and the shoe clip. Whats cooler is that even though you’ll get much more information delivered to your dashboard while wearing both, you can actually just wear either/or depending on your activity (i.e. swimming or sleeping). The two devices report independently so you don’t need to always have both on!

Another key feature that is being touted is the ability for the device to differentiate between activities performed, like bicep curls, a golf swing, running on a treadmill, etc. which is incredible (I will absolutely test it during hockey). This would give a whole new level of detail to the fitness tracking world, in a device that is retailing at a mere $120.  Not only can this device detect and record steps or activities performed, but also repetitions. The ability to track repetitions would also be incredible in the sense that you can truly log a full circuit workout (i.e. weight lifting paired with activated cardio in between sets).

Somewhat like the Nike+ FuelBand, the Amiigo allows you to set goals and achieve points, set-up challenges against friends and more, so those of you who enjoy the social aspect of the fitness tracking world won’t be disappointed. We’ll see even more once the full app and dashboard are released.

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As with any new technology or device, there are sure to be some kinks that need to get worked out with the first version, but hopefully Amiigo manages to bypass that typical technology woe (cause you can bet your ass I’m not waiting for version 2). We’ve been in contact with Amiigo and with any luck we’ll have an actual device to review for you soon!

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